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Oakwood Search was honored recently as the winner of the 2017 Denver Business Journal Small Business Award. According to the Denver Business Journal, Oakwood Search achieved an impressive percentage revenue growth of 5,284.1%, expanding from $119,500 in 2013 to $6.43 million in 2015. This percentage growth was more than 6 times the growth of the second place company. Oakwood Search was recognized at a luncheon on May 4, 2017, at the Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel, and the Denver Business Journal announced the awards on-line on May 5. A recent article detailing the company and award can be found here.

Oakwood Search is off to an impressive 2017, playing a key role in high-level searches in multiple South American countries along with continuing to expand its footprint here in the United States.

The Denver Business Journal first detailed the company in October 2016. In addition to Executive Search work, the company locates, attracts, payrolls and manages around 25 specialized consultants for financial services businesses such as banks, insurance companies, and asset managers. Oakwood Search prides itself on providing the best talent to each of its clients. Because of its meticulous, time-tested approach, clients know they can trust Oakwood Search to recruit extraordinary people. Since its inception, Oakwood Search has seen tremendous success, partnering with a Global Big 3 strategy consulting firm, a Top 3 insurance company, the oldest and largest private U.S. bank as well as numerous large financial institutions from coast to coast.

As the company continues to grow, it will rely on its strong relationships in the industry as well as the ever-tightening landscape of financial services talent market to drive demand for its valuable services. To request a consultation with one of our senior staff members, please email us at info@www.lai12.icu